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The Village Pet Shoppe, LLC has been owned and operated by its original owner, Christina Walsh, since 1974.

  The store features a variety of pets, a large selection of supplies, boutique items, and healthy gourmet treats at reasonable prices.    We have locally raised puppies, kittens, small animals and birds. We carry goldfish, tadpoles, and snails from local fish farms.

We continue to directly communicate with local breeders and maintains good relationships with surrounding veterinarians.  Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us to insure the best possible service for our customers.  All breeders, whether kennels or families, who sell to our store are subject to dog law enforcement inspections and all dog laws apply.

  Our staff is formed of knowledgeable employees that are not paid on commission.  Our goal at the Village Pet Shoppe is to find our animals the best permanent homes.  Each employee is driven by their own love for animals to screen and match the right pet with the right household.  While people do have the right and privilege to own domesticated animals, we would like to enforce the principle that caring for them is a serious responsibility.  We work to support our customers with information on care and training.  We strongly advise that people take the time to learn what is involved before taking home a new family member.
  Within our region there is an array of compassionate veterinary professionals that we can direct our customers to if they desire.  Our puppy contracts provide time for our customers to take their new puppy to be assessed by the veterinarian of their choice.  This option is provided solely on the basis that the Village Pet Shoppe wants the customer to have the assurance of a professional that they trust to have the pets’ best interest.

Not comfortable taking care of a puppy? We gladly recommend local shelters and rescues where many wonderful adult dogs await adoption.  

The Village Pet Shoppe, LLC